Maintenance and Repair

Do I really need to service my new or existing heating and cooling equipment? I change my filters, isn’t that enough?

Just as your car needs regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently, so to does
your homes heating and cooling system. While changing your filters on a regular basis
does help remove dust, dirt and soot that can circulate back into your home, it doesn’t
eliminate all of it. What is left behind builds up in your system, and over time, your
equipment needs to work harder to get the job done resulting higher utility bills and
possible an unexpected shut down of your heating and cooling system.

Do I need a service contract or can I just pay as I need service?

A pre-paid service contract isn’t right for everyone. You may not feel comfortable
committing to a long term contract. Maybe such a program doesn’t match your budget.
Why not try our “Pay Direct” method? Its a simple pay-as-you-go system. You request a
service date, and pay for only that days service ….No contracts …no monthly bills!

When is the right time to schedule my annual equipment maintenance?

Having your heating and cooling systems checked annually will give you piece of
mind when you reach for your thermostat on that first extreme weather day. To insure
you have heat before that cold day arrives, we recommend having your heating system
tune-up completed by the end of summer. Being ready for those hot days of summer
are equally as important. We suggest your air conditioner start-up service be completed
by the end of spring. When your prepared, you can relax and enjoy all of the upcoming
seasons in comfort.