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About Thermo-Stat Heating and Cooling

We are a family-owned and operated HVAC company in Langhorne PA. We specialize in the installation and service of heating and cooling equipment

You need heating and cooling equipment or services. Who do you choose? Do you invest in services from a company who’s main objective is to sell you pricey oil; lock you into long-term service contracts or try to convince you of the necessity of a home security system, when all you just want is heat or air conditioning? Can any one company really do everything and do it well? We don’t think so. That’s why Thermo-Stat Heating and Cooling specializes in only heating & cooling products. We believe “It’s not how many products a company offers, but how it services the products it offers”.

Here at Thermo-stat Heating and Cooling, we have the philosophy, “Do one thing and do it well”. We sell quality heating and cooling products along with the services needed to maintain their highest efficiency possible. That it…no gimmicks…no hidden extras…no high-pressure sales tactics! We only sell exactly you what you need.

With our 25+ years of experience, courteous technicians, and quality products, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how we do business. Our goal is to address your needs and concerns in a relaxed, no-pressure setting from the moment you invite us into your home.

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